Computer science terms

Computer science terms, Over 14,000 free computer terms, dictionary definitions, abbreviations, and computer jargon with thousands of pictures and illustrations.

Theoretical computer science, or tcs, is a subset of general computer science and mathematics that focuses on more mathematical topics of computing and includes the. Computer science is a branch of science and technology that encompasses all aspects of a computer system including computer software, hardware, and. Computer science is the integration of principles and applications of technologies that are required to provide access to information this science revolves around studying the. Read these key computer science concepts and understand the world of technology better. Computer science definition, meaning, what is computer science: the study of computers and how they can be used learn more.

Define computer science computer science synonyms, computer science pronunciation, computer science translation, english dictionary definition of computer science. Basic computer terms description basic information on how a computer works and the parts of the computer total cards 50 subject computer science level 9th. View all computer science definitions consumer tech definitions about consumer technology including internet acronyms, tech lingo, multimedia definitions, words about personal computing and peripherals as well as terms.

The computing students dictionary of computer science definitions contains hundreds of concise definitions to help you with your studies browse the dictionary. Noun 1 computer program - (computer science) a sequence of instructions that a computer can interpret and execute the program required several hundred lines of.

  • Resources legal english vocabulary: computer science in spanish online translation of the english legal term computer science into spanish: informática (english to.
  • Welcome to the williams college computer science department we have a faculty of eleven professors, all of whom are active researchers in a range of areas including.

How can the answer be improved. The definition of computer science defined and explained in simple language. Computer science vs computer and computer science in terms of the classes each major takes 5 thoughts on “ computer science vs computer engineering.

Computer science terms
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